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By definition, breast augmentation is the surgery performed to increase/enhance the size of the breast. The procedure involves the placement of implants beneath the breast tissue. It is mostly performed on women. Breast augmentation is called augmentation mammoplasty.

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Why Should You Go for Breast Augmentation?

Always sit down with your plastic surgeon to discuss the reasons why you need this procedure. Some of the possible reasons could be:

  • Adjusting the size of the breasts after either pregnancy or age. The adjustment could involve either reducing or increasing the size.
  • It is correcting the breasts that seem uneven. One breast could be appearing to be smaller than the other.
  • Breasts could be uneven after either an accident or surgery that was meant to take care of other conditions.
  • Improve self-confidence. Women tend to place a lot of importance on their bosoms. Going under the knife to enhance them might not be a bad idea after all.

Possible Risks for Breast Augmentation

Like any other surgery, the following are possible risks:

  • There may be scars after the surgery. These scars may end up distorting the shape of the breasts. More operations may be needed for correction. Secondly, surgeries may result in breast pain.
  • There may be a slight or significant change in the sensation of the breasts, particularly the nipples. They may be a setback for those women who still wanted to enjoy the sexual life.
  • Poor post-surgery care may lead to possible infection. If not arrested on time, other complications may arise.
  • The implants may rupture or consequently leak.
  • Breast implants may hamper breastfeeding.
  • Doing mammograms might be difficult.

Scientists are currently exploring the possible relationship between breasts implants as well as a rare strain of cancer that affects the immune system. This type of cancer has been diagnosed in women who have undergone breast implants.

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Preparing for Breast Augmentation

The first step is to consult with the plastic surgeon on how you want your breasts to appear. Discuss your preference for appearance, feel as well as size. The plastic surgeon will then recommend the best implants as well as the surgical techniques to be used. Note that breast implants will never prevent the breasts from sagging. The implants have a lifeline of about ten years. Lastly, note that insurance companies do not cover breast augmentation. You will need to dig deep into your pocket to finance the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Process

womanThis procedure can be done at an outpatient hospital. You will be discharged the same day you undergo surgery. In most cases, breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia. In this case, you will be asleep during the entire operation.

The plastic surgeon will make incisions in any of the following places: under the breasts, under the arm as well as around the nipple.

Once the incisions are made, the breast tissues are separated from connective tissues as well as muscles of the chest. A pocket is then created from where the implants are inserted.

Regardless of the procedure that is performed, other factors contribute to the way the breasts look. For example, age has been known to alter the appearance of the breasts. More surgery will be needed to correct it. You should, therefore, have realistic expectations. The surgery will never make you perfect.