long beards

What comes to your mind when you meet a man with beards? Bears signify power in many parts of the world. Growing a thick beard is however not easy. You must be patient and invest in it. Different people will have their beards grow at different rates. One’s genes and testosterone levels determine the growth rate. This article will discuss important tips that will help you grow bears faster. Read on.

Take Care of Your General Health

man, beardsYou might be aware, but the health of your hair greatly depends on your general health. You cannot have healthy hair with bad health. Hair specialist’s advice people to take a lot of proteins. Proteins are found in foods like beans, eggs, and fish.

Stress is another factor which affects the growth of hair. Stay away from all forms of stress if you are aiming at growing thick beards. Engage in activities like exercise and get enough sleep at night to avoid stress.

Commit Yourself

It cannot happen without your commitment. You should be patient and give it your all if you want to grow beards. At some point, the beard will be itchy, and you will want to scratch it all day. Even at that stage, you are required to hold on and wait for the next stage. Be ready for severe itching in the first one month.
At this stage, avoid any thoughts and temptations to shave it off. Within no time, it will have become soft, and the itching will be no more. Apply the right oils and moisturizers and be patient. Immediately the hair grows soft the irritation will go away, and people will start admiring you.

Let It Grow

handsome manFirst timers will feel like they are growing a forest on their face. At times you will be convinced that cutting them is the best decision at the moment. As mentioned above, you should be patient and let it grow before trimming it to the desired shape. It will not be comfortable during the first weeks, but hey, this is what you want, hold on. In about 6 weeks you will be able to trim them to the desired shape, and all eyes will now be on you.

Before the beard is fully grown, you will have many spotless spots. In this happens to you, do not stress out, let the hair grow freely, and in no time your face will be all bushy. After you have attained the desired size, you can now get your all time desired mustaches.